Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: All the new features, changes

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Official release review with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709) best new features, improvements, and changes included in the October 17, 2017 release… Read more.
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  1. Very nice but not everyone needs this update. I was happy enough with the version I had, but Microsoft kept pressuring me to update and each attempt (7) failed. Eventually an agent remotely fixed my PC to get the update. Microsoft is not on it's game here as the update assistant said my PC was ready and compatible at the beginning of each failed attempt. Then the dialog box would end the failed update session with the exclamation "Something went wrong!" Yeah no kidding.

  2. i am confused.. can anyone pls answer just 1 question The fall creator update was able to grab my images and videos from Whatsapp and phone camera! How was it able to grab those images & Videos? I didn't sync it with my account email login, so does that mean, it grabs your videos and pictures from google? because then they just grabbed my information with out my knowledge. That's scary stuff! Can anyone kindly shed some light on this subject?

  3. dear sir
    can you please explain to me what happend after window update fall creator
    i have problem in
    advance startup
    restart now
    startup setting
    truble shoot
    advance option
    there is no more option after update like previos verision
    no automtic repair for window
    and other options
    no window startup setting
    is that from microsof it self or from my update
    is there any sloution to fix that

    thank you

  4. Windows update jacked my user account, I let it update to the new fall creators update and It created a new user folder for me and now all my logins are pointed to the wrong user folder. Microsoft tech support couldn't even fix it. and now they have my entire PC messed up. Please look into this and see if any one else is getting this problem from update.

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