Windows 10 Fall Creators update Apps and Features Removed or Deprecated

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Microsoft support document has listed apps and features that are going to be deprecated or removed in Fall Creators update


  1. Hey really need some advice with what's up on my pc. several (but not all) of my games and apps will run but the ones that don't will run but suddenly tell me "Exception has occurred. Application will be closed. Would you like to restart the application?" I will and the game continues to load doing nothing. This has been going on since a recent update of Windows 10. Which leads me to believe it's the update.. I'd take this to a forum but I never really get any help or response…

  2. Thank you for reassuring us about Paint. Thinking it was going away eventually, this morning I installed PhotoScape 3.7. There is a Windows 10 version only available via Windows Store, which I haven't signed up for yet, I'm in no hurry; the earlier PS version is downloadable and works. It is a great program for improving photos, but often I only want to crop a jpg and Paint is much faster for that  So now I have told Windows to go back to associating jpg files with Paint. That will speed up things. Also I've been using Windows Snipping Tool to grab, say, a picture plus some descriptive text from twitter, and that's a cool tool, too. Currently I'm on Version 1703 (OS Build 15063.483), Windows Home, which is fine for me.

  3. I used to have full disk image backups , that stopped when I switched to Windows 10 . A clean install is so quick now , and the possibility to reset and save data is a great feature . I don't have any work on my PC that needs constant incremental backups , nor do I have sensitive data which I need to keep up to date or to protect . I install very few programs/games these days so it's a breeze to start over for me . For the record I no longer make any backups at all , I am one of the few that don't need to backup . Some years ago I would have been lost without a backup , and I urge those of you that would benefit from backing up to do so … I know it can be a pain in the a** but it may save your bacon one day , literally !

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