Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update (FCU) OPTIMIZATION Guide

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The gamer’s requested, the power user’s requested it… and here it is! The Fall Creator’s Update optimization guide, with a focus on disabling and turning off settings that you don’t need to help make a smooth gaming experience and also make your computer more snappy in the process.

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  1. Good optimizations but still there are a lot of other tweaks than these simple tweaks. But does anyone know how the fuck to shut up windows defender? I do need it to prevent shitty viruses from infecting my pc but the damn bastard always eats disk and cpu even in idle times. In all these years since I started using Win 8 till today, the Defender is one big mofo that keeps annoying me till date.

  2. I just gotta say that I literally love your WIndows 10 guides. Used it for almost the whole family and some of their retro laptops showed some really good improvements. Of course it's also really nice to know there's less crap runnung on your gaming machine 🙂

  3. Nice one Bro!!!!!thanks for the trick…ive been follow ur trick since windows seven and no doubt your trick let me game in superb quality without error!!! keep up a good work bro!!!

  4. is there a quick reference or way to undo all these changes while i do not know what part has caused me issues im assuming the services changes but still unsure but since trying these changes pandora will not get song or album info or data and the gui is even bugged out even with reset and reinstall of app, also outlook icon will now constantly remove itself from the taskbar at random times.

  5. I wondered if you can possibly help? Since creators update my PC has been switching itself on automatically at truly crazy hours and waking me up. Most Windows Update buttons are greyed out actually, those incorporating set when to update etc. Seems to be a bug in the Creators Update related to waking hours setting. Can disable updates temporarily of course but really don't want to ideally.

  6. High Performance power plan keeps your cpu constantly at maximum clockspeed not allowing it to clock down. Completelly unnecessary even on a desktop pc. Balanced power plan is fine and the best choice for me.

  7. *If you need Minecraft, you probably want the real version, not the Windows Store one that you can't use mods with. On the other hand, the Store one may be more optimized and run better on old machines since it runs natively and drops all the Java silliness.

    Also in ease of access center, you missed disabling Sticky Keys and similar stuff that interrupts games when you crouch too often or too long or whatever.

    Those "remote" settings in System do not affect TeamViewer. That's just for Microsoft's own Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance programs.

  8. Hi here is a way to fix the intermittent stutter (Tested) on Windows 10 Fall creators update that some experience (requires insider build, but it works.) 1. Install Insider Preview build 17025 – activate using your existing normal Win10 license 2. Disable all privacy options at the first window when installed Windows 10, and use UWT 4.3 to disable all under Privacy/Privacy. Disable ULPS and UvdClockGating to 0 in registry for AMD, and set prerendered frames to 1 on NVIDIA / and AMD Main3D keys to 31 00 and 1 respectively. For AMD the current 18.1.1 Alpha Adrenalin driver is best, so install it, set all these things, reboot and enjoy.

  9. Task Scheduler -> Microsoft -> Windows ->Windows Update. Disable everything here, it will stop the creators update reminder. Otherwise Windows will automatically turn the Windows Update service back on.

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