Windows 10 Fall Creators update How to get it right now October 17th 2017

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Here is where to get Fall creators update


  1. Thank You So much…. I'm going to upgrade because I am having issues with my Current Win 10. Example: my pc's " settings " ,
    " cortana " aren't opening. Sometimes it crashes, restarts & lags so much… Hopefully upgrading to Win 10 Fall Creators Update might hepl me from that….

  2. Last spring I didn't get the previous update for a few weeks so I went to the Microsoft site and downloaded it with no problems. I got the fall update on the first dat the normal way from settings and it's incomplete. There is no store among other things. I was looking forward to the Digital Audio Workstation and it's not here.

  3. 5 pc's in the household got the update yesterday without forcing it,it did take 5 hours for each PC & after the Restart,it returned to the desktop,the notification informed me that there are more updates,it was a cumulative & a flash player update which took 30mins & so far,no major issues,a few settings in the Browsers had changed….

  4. thanks Mr G, see I{ve 2 loptops, Laptop #1, which is my main machine, I had it upated already, thanking u by the way. I tried and try my laptop #2, which its got less capacity, so finally I had giving up on the lil, right, 1 day goes by, now here u come to the rescue, GRACIAS ) thanks.
    I{ haved, from the 1st try.

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