Windows 10 Fall Creators update How to get missing apps back Fix number 1 of 2

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Try reset app or Repair app when available, you can also uninstall apps and re-install frome the store is you can, this is part 1 for 2 for video to fix missing apps in Windows 10 fall creators update


  1. I had more than just apps missing (some tiles I created for links to programs, for example my scanner were not there), so I did a reset in the settings back to the 1703 version now everything is working fine and it only took 20-25 minutes! One thing I noticed was that all the albums I had created in the Photos app were all gone, I also noticed this happened before when I upgrades from 1609 to 1703. Where are they stored so I can back them up, as many have a lot of work involved in created them?

  2. All my apps are there but on the side were you wanna pin it on the start menu it just had a arrow going down saying a great app is on it way. and the settings menu is not working too when i go to the all settings button nothing loads just has the setting icon i would have to close it and re open it for it to work. Does any one know whats going on.

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