Windows 10 Fall Creators update How to turn off Fluent Design Acrylic Transparency effects

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How to turn off Transparency effects in Windows 10 Fall Creators update


  1. I've suddenly lost all fluent design on my laptop and I do mean everywhere, its not in settings, start menu, taskbar, action centre, mail app, and no I didn't turn off transparency effects. I was watching a movie, I went to settings to change something and noticed no fluent design language. WTF

  2. Thank you for this tip! I haven't had this update for long enough to notice "transparency" but when you mentioned people with vision problems — that's me! So I turned it off. I wonder also if "transparency" also takes extra power and turning it off may lengthen useful battery life on a laptop and/or not take up room (in RAM?) when "transparency" is active. I'm sure we can all think of better things MS could do than installing "transparency", like explaining and offering it and other neat (they think) tweaks, and letting us decide if and when to download them…

  3. Hey bro, I have a question i have been trying to update my laptop to fall creators update from yesterday, but when i go into settings, update and then i check for updates, it shows the "feature update for windows 10" i then select update but it does download. It stays at 0% constantly. Any suggestions or ideas what might be happening?

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