Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: Joe Belfiore demos new features, changes

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Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore demos the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update new features and improvements, including Fluent Design, OneDrive Files On-Demand, Photos Story Remix, Cortana, My People, new functionalities to work across devices, Windows connect to the Microsoft Graph, and more at Build 2017… Read more.

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  1. Yeah hated the first windows but used it, Hated the second windows but used it, Hated the third windows but used it, mmm I think there is a pattern lol. and the mac users lol mac sucks.

  2. with all this Cloud AI system,why don t u just make windows 10 free …and get your revenue from somewhere else,like windows store. Yes i know windows 10 is actually free …unofficially,you adopted the winrar method of buying….but…make it official …it's easier….

  3. This fall creator update messing everything, memory leak too much, 3d game is stuttering, auto pause youtube when minize chrome, start lagging after 1 days 24/7 on. The last version 1703 still better alot, my pc only shutdown every 6 months to mainteance, 24/7 max load cpu and gpu through 6 months without any problem with last version, with fall creator it only last 2 days max. Microsoft shouldnt release stupid feature updates, feature turn an custom loop high end pc to garbage.

  4. WTF is going on at MS?!. Is it infested with some artist shit?. First focus on stability & performance. Not a shit load of 3D. Just f**king give us tabbed shell.

  5. By the time Windows 10 Fall Creators Update arrive on October 17, then I fear that I may have problem with black screen when launching the game unless the developer made new graphics driver that supports Windows 10 Creator's Update.

  6. Who in the world is developing Windows apps?!? Seriously. Office 365 licensing is a disaster for Graph. It doesn't work. Office 365 is great for email and bundling Office but that's all. You can't count on anything else. Microsoft has so many skus you can't rely on anything else working.

  7. Tried to use MSFT Graph…doesn't work. You have to have just the right type of Office 365 account. Our company pays for it but we don't have the exact right kind of account. Hilarious.

  8. Lol…still thinking about files. Wow. I use Lucidchart and I have no files. We collaborate seamlessly and there is nothing to sync or send. My work is always in the cloud. I have automatic scheculed backups to Google. Its all seemless. There is no device, no file, no PC. These are all meaningless.

  9. Nothing in Windows is fluent or smooth. Notice how he didn't show how the document is sent. Microsoft is STILL stuck in the idea that email is a good idea. Its so rediculous. They have no idea how highly productive teams work. Hint: we don't use email to collaborate.

  10. You'd think they would have figured out by now that people don't want them to "build experiences". People want to build their own experiences.

    Give the user the options they need to customize the appearance and functionality of their devices and then leave it the hell alone instead of breaking shit with literally every single update.

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