Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: My 5 Favorite Features

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The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has a lot of new features, but these five—some big, some small—stand out as my favorites.

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  1. Windows update jacked my user account, I let it update to the new fall creators update and It created a new user folder for me and now all my logins are pointed to the wrong user folder. Microsoft tech support couldn't even fix it. and now they have my entire PC messed up. Please look into this and see if any one else is getting this problem from update.

  2. I swear windows 10 is like vista is a bullshit..i returned to widnows 7 SP1 ultimate 3 times from windows 10 and now i'm sure 100% windows 10 is a shiiiiiiiit i stay in windows 7 2 years after i can try windows 10 if it's stable or not is good for new pc & new graphic cards

  3. If you update through windows update back up your docs and any vids downloads and chrome favourites if you use chrome as you lose them on this update and install

  4. It installed for me later in the day but something went horribly wrong and now I can't enjoy these new features because my computer is now stuck an infinite boot up screen. I've tried every troubleshoot I can think of and nothing worked.

  5. Mixed reality! Why are they putting shite like this in when there’s still massive holes in the basics? Still no way out of the box of viewing in a decent way PDFs and different image formats all we have is fucking Paint, Edge and the slow photo viewer. It needs something like Preview on Mac OS. No screen shot tool via keyboard shortcuts we only have the wank snipping tool. No screen recorder. No unified UI. Half the settings are still old UI. They should be implementing genuinely useful features like quick look from Mac OS a decent way to backup like Time Machine. Instead we get this bullshit which are just gimmicks. Get the basics right first Microsoft then add stuff like this. Also remove the old shite like a paint and note pad.

  6. Just remember these morons are paid to push this crap on you, programs for stupid sheep and bigger and better spyware for the world's largest spyware program windows 10. this idiot got fat check for pushing this crap from microsoft.

  7. remix3d? Really? can you still say paint3d is also a great program? Millions of negative reviews have already punch on the Microsofts head, forcing them to remove these applications as pre-installed in future patches . Such stupid "Top-5" looks like paid reviews.

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