Windows 10 “Fall Creators Update” Preview/Review: What’s New? Best (7) Features

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Here are Microsoft “Windows 10 Fall Creators Update” release best new features. I go over 7 of them in my fast Windows 10 Fall Creators Update review. Some of these Fall Creators Update features are great and some are just for looks. So that’s why I have only review 7 Windows fall creators update features, there are a few more hidden that really don’t do much for the average joe.

The Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update release date is October 17, 2017. Whenever, there is an update…


  1. Windows update jacked my user account, I let it update to the new fall creators update and It created a new user folder for me and now all my logins are pointed to the wrong user folder. Microsoft tech support couldn't even fix it. and now they have my entire PC messed up. Please look into this and see if any one else is getting this problem from update.

  2. I updated my 6 year old Hp Envy to Creators Update and it's great. No problems ! It's stable and there is no high cpu, memory or disk usage as I had previously. I hear my fan running at a lower rate than before. I am happy with the update.

  3. i have a gaming laptop, i7, 12gb ram, 250gb+ ssd. would this update gives me more fps or just troubled low fps? dunno if this worth an update since its taking me an hour past since i updated it.

  4. It took me 2 days to update the Fall Creators Update. It took me 3 hours to download yesterday…and 3 hours to install today. All total it took me 6 hours to make the upgrade.

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