Windows 10 Fall Creators Update – Sound Issues

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Sound stuttering, on both my computers. Well done!


  1. I have a toshiba satellite pro A300, even though I have had it nine years it works very well still. I also have a newer HP elite book 8460p. But ever since I have had my toshiba upgraded to Windows 10 home addition, when I plug a microphone in, it says microphone not plugged in. I have tried with three different microphones and it still says the same thing and when I go into hardware and sound it says that all devices are enabled. So the only way to use a microphone is to plug in my external soundcard and plug in the microphone that way. Also, if I try to turn the volume dial up, sometimes it turns down or seems to fade and other times it works fine. I don't understand if this is hardware related or software, because it was all working completely fine until I upgraded. Do you have any suggestions? If I don't touch the volume dial, the sound is fine and does not stutter and also it is fine through headphones. My laptop has Conexant HD audio soundcard
    I am visually impaired and so need to use screen reader software to use my computer, so it is essential that the sound is working properly. I know people may tell me that the laptop is old, but the laptop is very sentimental to me I feel she helps me get through some very tough times for example which I am not going to go into on this post. In short, I am a depression sufferer. So Please do not tell me to just go and get a new one, i already have a newer model but I will never get rid of tulip she means the world to me just to clarify that statement doesn't mean in a creepy way or anything, I mean she is my best friend

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