Windows 10 Favorite Features and Tips and Tricks 2017

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Learn the very best Windows 10 (and earlier) features, tips and tricks in this tutorial.


  1. My two top tips are:
    Tip 1. Search: type the windows key followed by what you are searching for (no mouse) and if it's the "best match" just press enter. Eg type [Windows-key], task, [Enter] to run the task manager.
    2. More natural scrolling: If using a new-ish laptop, put two fingers on the touchpad and move them down or up to scroll. You can move them sideways to scroll left or right. So much more natural than the fiddly sliders.

  2. Thank you Monsieur ! I'm a Mac user and recently my new computer @ work is a PC under Windows 10 ! I enjoy it very much, except for the Anti-vorus thing and the constant updates… but that's nothing comparing to the pleasure I get. I have a machine way less expensive and way much faster of what I could get with Apple. There are some things that I cannot do like on a Mac, but I'm confident I'll find a way 😉
    I like the trackpad experience on a Mac, is there a similar thing on PC ? I've found the Logitech Touchpad but it doesn't seem as powerful and it's maybe not sold anymore…

  3. 3 finger swipe down on track pad minimizes everything on the screen so you have clean desktop. 3 finger swipe up shows a spread of all the windows open and you can click one to bring it to the front of the other windows. this also gives you the new desktop option.

    same thing you showed without using the keyboard.

    thanks for the video.

  4. I also found it frustrating not being able to snap windows on a Mac, but then I learned how to do it!
    1. Have two or more active windows open.
    2. Click the Green Minimize Button to make one window smaller
    3. Click and hold the Green Minimize Button. You will notice that half of the screen turns blue and blurry. Drag the window and it till expand into that half of the screen.
    4. On the empty half, you will see your other available windows minimized. Click one of them and it will fill into the other half of your screen. Voila- snapped screens!
    Try it out!

    I also miss my snipping tool immensely but then I found the Snag It Chrome extension and it made me happy!

  5. 1. Pressing "win + left/right" will do the work directly.
    2. Show desktop? "Win + M" or "Win + D" both do same.
    3. Win + number of program. In your case it's "Win + 8"
    I like New desktop option.
    and I really don't knew about Snipping tool.

    I like you to give a way better than pinning on task bar. Right click on the program you want to open and hit Properties. There u can c a config called "Short cut". Press whatever u want to. In my case I use "Alt + ctrl + w" for MS word, "Alt + ctrl + E" for chrome, "Alt + ctrl + T" for Tor, "Alt + ctrl + P" for Photoshop. Choose yourself. (Don't copy me. Ha ha… just kidding)

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