Windows 10 Flat Dark Theme Skinpack Tutorial

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In this Windows 10 Tutorial I will be showing you how to setup a new custom skin using uxstyle.

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  1. A couple of months ago I installed this theme and about 1 week my computer gave up. Would turn on but nothing displayed. The theme bricked my windows. Went months without a pc looking for fixes. Got a new pc so yeah don’t install any themes unless it’s official.

  2. How amazing that when you read this comments, you realise that nobody fucking reads anything before installing. If you have doubts for if this is safe, dont worry. as long as you make a system restore point, and choose the correct version of windows 10, you are fine, it worked for me too. But if you are the kind of asshole that decides he doesn't have to read shit before he installs stuff, dont go complain here. You had been warned and its your own fault thanks to your ignorance behaviour that you fucked up your windows.

  3. I have a solution. If you pc just keeps refreshing constantly after doing this, open task manager,it will open, then double click any item and select open file location, from this locate any themes you downloaded and delete it, after that locate the uxpatcher theme folder ,and fuck(delete) it. That's it.

  4. Do not do this, it literally fucks your computer. I was trying to paste the files to my desktop, but everytime I did it, desktop refreshed and the file would be copied.
    Then my big smart brain made me create a folder, put all the files in it, and paste that folder to the desktop. Guess what, I succeeded, but now I am sitting here with my sorry ass, while my desktop is refreshing every second. I had the restore point created, but now I cannot even make it to that file. Just sitting here, warning you guys.

  5. Haven't done this but I'm a tech Guy and I know a lot about tech, DONT DO IT! It can jack up your PC, install viruses, allow others to use your PC and take your info. DONT DO IT!!!

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