Windows 10 – Flight Simulator X Runs Great Without Mods

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Here’s FSX running on Windows 10. It’s not crippled, and it doesn’t crash. And no other third party software ‘patches’ needed. You don’t even need to use the Compatibility function.

NOTE: You HAVE to install SP2 or the Acceleration Pack to get the aircraft preview screen and full-screen mode working. Both enable DirectX10. If you are still getting a black screen, use Alt-Enter to go into windowed mode and then Alt-Enter to go back to full screen. It should display fine.

Here’s some…


  1. Guys, I've bought Windows 10 pro but I petrified to install it in case FSX doesn't work. I'm still on Win-7 so simple question: If I upgrade to W10 will FSX work as before? 64-BIT, 16Gb RAM, Intel i7 Quad, GTX780TI, 1Tb SSD

  2. well I have been trying for days to install it on 10 and absolutely a no-go
    that video displays exactly what should happen and certainly it was so on 7 and 8.1 but on 10 – not a hope I have the de-luxe edition so does that make a difference

  3. hi everytime i try to do a longhaul flight 30-50 minutes in i get a message saying a fatal error accured i have downloaded the server packs with no luck

  4. I've played Flight Sim X for years, enjoyed it when it worked. Many times it worked one day and not the next. Steam is about the worst in friendliness when running into trouble, no fault of your own. What say? How do I find the game on my own discs that equals Microsoft Flight Sim X?

  5. You save my life! – Always when I was in-fligh and wanted to change thar aircraft, wheather, check de map, etc. I was having a black screen. When I change the frame rate, everythings is working fine!

  6. I have che direct x10 checked……i see all perfect untill the Aircraft will start to move….day and night is the same and if I go to the option and I want to see the ai traffic around me…..if i find an Aircraft standing in one airport i see him regullary…but if the Aircraft is in flight…I see an Aircraft completely white

  7. I have Windows 10 Pro with a personal custom built I7 64bit PC 3930-K Mother board 64GB Corsair Ram and a 690 GTX Asus Nvidia Video Card and other extras. Every-time I try to load my FSX Gold number 1 disc all I get is errors. Won't load and/or freezes my PC.
    August 2, 2016 gave us the Redstone Service Pack One of Windows 10. Didn't help at all. Disappointed with Microsoft.
    Odd that everything worked fine on Windows 7 Pro

  8. Hmm? Was your computer and graphics card built for Windows 10? Mine was built for Windows 7 and I'm having a few issues with exiting the game and playing the rerun-playback feature not working. It just goes black, and I have to use "Control+ALT+Delete" to get out of the black screen mode – weird!!! All I know, it's pissing me off!!! I don't like paying for things that pisses me off. I'm sure, maybe some graphics tweaks and some tricks and tips would sure help at this vey moment I'm having at this time. Trust me, you would not want to be in my shoes for 5 seconds right now  …lol

  9. Hi, I have an issue with the performance:I have a Dell XPS 9550 (Gtx 960m 2gb, i7-6700HQ) and when I run the game it's like neither the processor nor gpu are being utilized much. The computer doesn't get hot at all.It does get hot playing other games like bf3 or even an old one, Age of Mythology.Do you know what's happening here or how to fix it?I could run the game with everything max without SP1 update but at 15-35 fps.Thank you!

  10. I agree it works perfectly fine, but there is one major problem here, when I enable DirectX10 from the settings, yes it works normally but all the scenery add-ons do not work..
    Example: I have installed fly tampa OMDB scenery, when I enable DirectX10 it wont work like it is supposed to.
    Please help and thanks

  11. I just switch recently from windows 7 to win 10 and now my fsx game is working fine except when i try instant replay my screen turns black.This was not happening before in windows 7.Any idea what am doing wrong.By the way Old Guy Geek Thanks for this great video.

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