Windows 10 for $20?

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Can you get a legit copy of Windows 10 for $20?
I got it here (not affiliated):
My parent’s PC ($470) –


Jerry’s (Barnacules) Disable Windows 10 Spying Video:

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  1. I love kinguin as my sketchy place for good video game deals and other online things, another legit website is for games, looks sketchy but its legit, although they buy there games from an even sketchier supplier from dubai.

  2. ATTENTION!! Please don't buy windows keys from! I bought windows 10 pro oem key from a seller called "NextKeys" which has over 200000 complete orders. But when I received the key and tried to activate my windows, it was already used and showed 0xc004C008 error code which means the key is activated on another PC. So I went back to kinguin's websites to see if I had missed some important info. On the seller's site (NextKeys) they say that they suggest using the automated phone system in order to activate your code. That meant that I had to call microsoft support and give them bunch of keys numbers and ID numbers etc. It was a real hassel. But at the end of the call, which took me over half hour, the support team got my windows activated. But they warned me that I might get a message in the future that my key has been activated somewhere else. And that's because these shit sellers are giving the same oem key to other buyers! The tech support highly encouraged me to warn others about these kind of sites and that I wasn't the first one to have this problems by Kinguin.

    So My conclusion is that DON'T BUY FROM KINGUIN.NET. I know it sounds attempting. That's why i bought it in the first place. Kinguin's buyers protection was so complicated that I just let it be. I dont think there's a easy way to get your money back from kinguin if something went wrong. And I don't think you'd get your money back because microsoft got my windows activated at the end. Don't Do It, it's now worth it.

    Please Share and like this comment to spread awareness.

  3. I upgraded my mobo/cpu/ram and realized my digital entitlement was no longer working. Put in old hardware and it couldn't connect to activation servers for hours. Put back in new hardware, bought a key from Kinguin. Put in key and it came up with an error code, so I used the phone activation method they recommend. After I navigated the automated phone system, I got a link texted to me to a site to enter my troubleshooting key. It returned a response key, which I plugged into the prompt on Windows, and finally it had activated! In retrospect, I may have been able to complete this method via my previous digital entitlement without spending a dime, but at least it worked in the end.

  4. Just buy on ebay, its cheaper. Pay with paypal and you have 100% money back if it doesn't work without having to pay some bullshit buyers protection like kinguin which for us europeens its 5 euro. Thats a fucking joke!

  5. Why the fuck are you all even buying windows WTF!
    Just download the windows 7,8.10 iso and install it on usb and you can activate it with windows loader!
    I realy dont get it what is the fucking difference between paid windows and downloaded one they all do the same shit

  6. Absolutely didn't work…JUST bought a Windows Professional key for $32 and bought the Kinguin "Insurance buyer protection." It did not work and I still have to find a way to "Activate Windows 10" because….The Microsoft key that NextKeys provided me after purchase was "already in use" on my new build, and I did a clean install on my new computer. To start, I called Microsoft and they DO NOT CARE that you say "My new Motherboard just died, and I need a new product OEM key." They say I need to get another key from "your OEM Administrator, we can not help you." So, back to Kinguin: To get your money back for a Key in use, I found that Kinguin makes it INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT to get your money back for my $6 bucks (Yes its not $1.12 anymore). I SHOULD have read all the details first, so buyer beware. So, just know that the OEM does NOT ALWAYS WORK, as in my case.

    Note: I'm NOT bitter, as I was trying to save money, and I there are apparently THOUSANDS have everything goes smoothly. I'm just the "Unlucky one" and was given the Lemon. I could have paid the $150 and bought the original version, but just to know, it might not always work as in my case. I STILL give this a thumbs up, but it just didn't work for me and I need to find a way to get this to activate w/o having to jump through a million hoops to get my $32 bucks back from Penguin.

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