Windows 10 for Phones

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In this companion to the video on Windows 10 for PCs, VP Joe Belfiore looks at key features showing up in Windows 10 for phones and small tablets. Highlights include expanded Action Center, enhanced speech-to-text capabilities, and great built-in Office apps for getting work done on the go.


  1. Hello.. Why you not change windows 10 UI for phone? just like android & ios.. and give a lot of features that Microsoft windows have… i think, if you change that UI, People around the World want to using Windows phone.

    do not think what I'm talking about. just make it. and let's see what happens.

    I'm sure you've never done it before. release your rigid minds that should always force the UI standard version from windows to smartphone.

    I'm sure, that's what makes windows phones are not much in demand by most people around the world.

    Hopefully Windows phones can be successful!

    Please contact me if you still want to get advice like this, I am just a user and a smartphone trainer.

    Sorry, I'm not a smart person. I just hope there's a better and easy-to-use windows smartphone with abundant features from the software side which is where the power point of microsoft is.

    Thanks. Sorry if my english not good.. im indonesian. 🙂

  2. Какие же майки убогие, загубили мобильную винду, кинули миллионы людей, угробили нокию, скайп. Новая windows 10 вызывает отвращение.

  3. ola tudo bem eu pergunto a vc o que fasser para que meu nortfone aseite este windows 10 ou 8 pois nâo quer aseità nêi um que tiver um nortfone dami uma luz o meu nortifone e DETEN CONHESE ESTA MARCA? EU NUCA TINHA VISTO FALA e gente muitos disero que ele e nova marca ele vem com 2 placa de memoria e outra detro dele ja emuso se poder mediser que eu faso como faso pra atualizar que so ta me predindo atoalizasâo toda hora nâo sei mais o que fàzer e como fazer dêcho àminha chamada a qui q se alguem poder mêdiser obrigado e bom fim de semana a todos ai

  4. and all the hard works, all the beautiful design, all the R&Ds are now failed….just one reason just one…NUMBER OF APPS!!! Do something MS, mobiles phones need that advanced OS from you…

  5. I don't know why but I just updated my lumia to windows 10 using an app called upgrade advisor….now the battery is fading like a water…….and so many bugs!!! Did I installed beta!?!😭😭😭😱😱😱😰😰😰😵😵😵🤧🤕🤕

  6. Don't know how you Microsoft (I always loved windows) how you managed to design another rubbish phone. Give me that job, I will make your mobiles number 1 in the market, better than Google and better than Applos#it.Yes? No? I'm not insisting, I have a well paid job.

  7. Did MS ever institute copy/paste? (snicker)
    Seriously: How about put an icon on the screen?
    Or a widget?
    No? Oh yeah, you get those Panes. Metro windows, tiles, or whatever you call them. Whoo.
    Or how about this: Make it look like something other than a mess of tiles designed by an artistically challenged 3 year old?
    Or how about the most important feature(s) of Android? Rooting and customs ROMs?
    WP o WP 10 is just Apple without the app selection, as far as I'm concerned. Until it's an open system.

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