Windows 10 Format And Clean Install From CD/DVD Tutorial

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Windows 10 ISO Files:

Instructional Video of Burning ISO to CD/DVD/USB:

Note: This method follows a path that requires a genuine product key. This is NOT an upgrade path by selecting the Custom (aka Clean) option. If an upgrade is desired, at 2:33 in the video select the top option of “Upgrade: Install Windows and keep files, settings, and applications”


  1. This is a good tutorial fast and easy yet DON'T use express settings as MS Bogs your PC down with every app going.Must say never had so much trouble with any OS than this one. That's because they appear to corrupt the operating system with their seemingly untested so-called updates and so-called up-grades.

  2. So once i have windows 10 installed on my gaming pc what do i need to do next? Could you maybe do a video guide about which drivers you need to install to get you gaming computer running and to get it back to its playful glory?

  3. My installation keeps getting stuck on "getting files ready for installation" it stays on 2% I just built the PC so it has no operating system currently on it and I'm trying to install to ssd. If anyone could help that be greatly appreciated

  4. eeDOS kernel version 1.1.35w(Build 2035w- UNSTABLE, Nov 30 2005)
    Kernel compatibility 7.10 – watcomc-FAT32 support
    NO WARANTY. licensed under the GNU general public lisence version 2.
    got a new laptop with a CD to install windows 10

  5. please help. i cant use my keyboard nor mouse and im stuck on "hi there lets get a few basic things out of the way" and i cant click anything and I burned windows 10 to a dvd and nothing happens when i put the dvd in

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