Windows 10 FREE UPDATE (Immidiatly Force Update)

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Are you still in hold and can’t update yet to Windows 10 as you thought you could starting on the 29th July, well with this tutorial you can by pass that Windows App message and get Win 10 after all!!!

If this method doesn’t work you can always go for Plan B here:



  1. I got Windows 10, accidentally rolled back, and I want to reinstall it. The first method isn't working and the second method messes with mah stuff. Is there something wrong I'm doing in the first method?

  2. Someone help me. When I get to the upgrade screen (where the bg is black and the loading bar is a circle) the loading stops at 21% and goes back to 8.1. Then Windows Update says Upgrading to Windows 10 Failed. PLZ HELP!!!

  3. I had to do this twice on my PC and Surface like that:
    1) Do everything like in the Video
    2) If Windows Update shows you an error, open CMD again (may it be already)
    3) Enter again "wuauclt.exe /updatenow" BUT DON'T TIPE ENTER
    4) Check again for updates
    5) While the tool is checking for updates, go back to CMD and type enter. (Be sure you opened it as admin and there is written "C:windowssystem32>)

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