Windows 10 Game DVR Quality Test VS Shadowplay

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The build in Windows 10 Game DVR almost looks EXACTLY LIKE SHADOWPLAY! You have to look really hard to see the quality difference and I definitely recommend using the game DVR when windows 10 Releases! Literally the only reason I am sticking with shadow play is because the DVR doesn’t detect some games and doesn’t open (for example, league of legends) so I am probably going to wait until it’s updated and bug fixed to use it more but I definitely will use it in the future..


  1. This seems like a great solution for Optimus laptops. My Acer Aspire E15 came with a Nvidia 940MX and Intel HD 620 but I can't use shadowplay. Thankfully the DVR seems to work OK so far.

  2. as of right now, personally LOVING the windows 10 one. i used to use MSI afterburner. then started hating on it cuz my videos would come out choppy for some reason. (videos saved directly to external hard drive). So i switched to NVIDIA shadowplay. worked like a charm. considerably smaller size than MSI afterburner (30s videos were about 180mb average). i like recording those epic moments hence 30s is the way to go for me. THEN just recently i tried out windows 10 DVR and my god it was awesome. you can organize files similar to how Shadowplay puts the files in separate game folders. Eg. MGS5 will be in an MGS5 folder in your capture main folder (it'll create an mgs5 folder for you and save all mgs5 footage and photos in it). As of right now, microsoft doesn't do that BUT in the xbox app you can sort to material based on game.

    If you play windows games (gears of war, forza etc) i recommend you always use windows 10 DVR. since you can use it FOR ALL GAMES. as NVIDIA shadow play can only be used for practically everything except windows store games. I tried using desktop record from shadowplay as well with no luck. oh yeah and the gears of war 30s videos i recorded were averaging 38mb each!!!!! compared to the same amount with shadow play being 4x more! (180mb). both recorded at 1080p 60fps. Yes windows DVR can record at higher resolution and 60fps. In this video he says it cannot.

  3. I recorded Skyrim with Windows 10. The video was fine at the begining, then it becomed blurry with quality loss after 4 or 5 minutes of recording. So I switched to AMD Gaming Evolved (or Raptr or Twitch, I don't know how this thing is called really). Then the quality was preserved till the end.

  4. The question I have is weather or not the Game DVR makes use of the hardware encoders built onto every Maxwell GPU. The only reason I use Shadow Play is because it frees up my CPU and GPU to just run the game.

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