Windows 10 Game Mode Test & Comparison on Medium End PC (Forza Horizon 3)

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Possibly Game Mode adding more stability to the picture. But in a whole it has a lot of bugs which need to be fixed. For example After playing there is huge lagging of the system itself. Sometimes closing of the game leads to “blue screen”.

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  1. I just updated my MSI GT80s Titan gaming laptop to the latest version of Windows 10 Home. When I go to PC Settings > Gaming > Game Mode, it says my PC supports game mode, but there is no Game Mode Off>On selection slider. I can still activate Game Bar using Win+G or the button on my Xbox1 controller but puzzled that I can't activate game mode in PC settings. Any help with this is appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Сегодня обновил систему до обновления для дизайнеров. Честно говоря, этот режим мне может пригодится только для записи видео, а так ни фига он не даёт. После выхода из игр начинает тормозить система, как вы и написали. Как-то я разочарован. Возможно, в следующих обновлениях это всё дело исправят, я на это надеюсь.

  3. i know everyone says oooo if you dont have a good pc dont buy games or go play something else. but the thing is that majority of ppl cant afford it. and there is many ways of enhancing a medium pc to more fps, if you know your stuff then compare a ps4 engine with a medium laptop. then you know wtf im talkign aboooooottt !

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