Windows 10 Home vs Pro: What’s the Difference Anyway?

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Is Windows 10 Pro really worth the extra cost?

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Microsoft has always made several editions for Windows. These are typically Windows Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education, with some previous versions having things like Windows 7 “Home Premium” and Windows “Ultimate Edition”. But with Windows 10, are there really that many…


  1. I know a factory, that needs a computer with 128 GB RAM. They`re producing Testing systems for Testing the functionality of IC`s… They re needing this for a programm, which simulates the whole board with all the miniswitches on it…

  2. I disagree with the windows 10 S statement. I think it is brilliant for the simple pc users or the chromebook market. The major flaw with it is the windows store is far too limited for any real pc users. But for grandma and your 6 year old i think it's a great low cost ($249, up to 20 hours battery life) entry pc for surfing the web, doing homework, and even powerpoint and presentations. It is not geared for photographers, media creators, or gamers. But for a low cost laymen computer user. It ideally is more secure than Home and is creating the ecosystem that Apple people seam to love. Windows just has to step up their app game to make it better and more successful.

  3. One of the benefits of Pro vs Home for a general user, is probably user admin tools. The ability to add, remove users and set groups. Enabling the guest account etc. Just in case you want to let people use your computer/laptop without having to create an entire new user profile/permission set. Or give access to your user with all your personal files. Even though W10 home is meant to be dumbed down. I think it would have been nice to offer this one feature to give home users a little bit more control over their machine.

  4. I’m a dev, and the pro edition is just extra a normal person doesn’t need. But the Pro version is slightly faster than home or anything lower. I got pro because of hyper v and extra things.

    Also you can disable windows updates on home permanently in services. But giggly isn’t recommended due to security reason. You want those early patches to prevent future viruses.

  5. I got educational for free from my university, so I use that on my laptop since it previously had Ubuntu. My desktop has Pro since I'm a power user and just want those extra features like remote desktop control

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