Windows 10 How to enable and customize high contrast settings for visually impared

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How use the high contrast settings to improve visibility and usage of your PC in Windows 10 for the visually impaired


  1. Is there a way to customize title bar color of the window? For example at 3:34, your settings title bar is blue and the text is yellow. How do you change the title bar colour from blue to another colour?

  2. I get all of that but how do you adjust the contrast for when you are watching a video online or a DVD on your laptop? I have an HP laptop with Windows 10. There are buttons and/or sliders when going into the color calibration settings to adjust the gamma and brightness but no buttons and/or sliders to adjust the contrast so I must skip adjusting the contrast. Tried updating my AMD driver and had to roll back the driver because the color calibration refused to work after I updated. Looked all over the internet for a solution. Everywhere from Microsoft to HP to videos like this. Thus far everyone is stating things I already know under the guise of "How to adjust brightness AND contrast." I thought since this video is so recent maybe you will see this and be able to help.

  3. Excellent video for those that need access due to low vision disease of some type.I prever and been using the High Contrast #1 extensively since windows 7.  I do have a question to address to you and your viewers.  MS office, desktop, edge and IE browser accept the High Contrast setting.  But many software developers have been updating / upgrading their software making it impossible to view the very white background with small white text.  Take for instance Malwarebytes, a excellent product that I used in my IT business or ccleaner.  They consider the new GUI's pretty if you have strong vision that can work with white background with small light grey text.  If you have Malwarebytes, you can see what I mean.  With my glaucoma issues and others who have macular diseases not allow them to view those apps.  If you know of any way to enhance the view for those many so called pretty to view programs, but no so pretty if the High contrast theme is not accepted by the programs such as Malwarebutes and 100's of others.  Please just open MB and you can see what I mean.Thank you for your many powerful and informative videos on your channel.Hope you and your viewers have a great day / week.Jaime G.

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