Windows 10 How to extend battery life when using laptop or tablet computer

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Tips and tricks to make sure you get the most operational time out of your laptop or tablet when you cant plug it in


  1. Can you help me please???
    So when I look at my batter icon it says " No Battery Detected" and I've tried everything, shutting it off, going to battery saver settings. It won't let me turn it on. Whenever I unplug my HP notebook it just turns off. What do I do???????

  2. i set my lenovo gaming laptop to balanced power mode, and i got 3 hours of battery life using google chrome, then i heard microsoft edge saves your battery life, so i closed chrome and opened up edge, and my battery life jumped from 3 hours to 6 hours. fucking awesome. ill start using edge on my laptop and google chrome on my custom built PC.

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