Windows 10 – How To Make It Faster And Increase Performance

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This tutorial will show you how to speed up Windows 10 and increase it’s over all performance with some simple techniques.


  1. seriously ctrl alt delete look at processes click the bottom arrow to show more details look at all the shit running that prior to windows 10 didnt have half the shit running…AIGHT now find cortana right click and click show in folder now right click the cortana folder and hit rename add a 1 to the end of the folder or something it wont matter but it will tell you it is in use.

    So what you want to do is right click on cortana in the task manager hit end task now move the confirmation of the end task next to the try again button to rename cortana click end taks and click try again to rename it right away or you will have to do this process again and be quicker about it…that will end some of the headache for 1 for 2 default windows programs are not recommended honestly microshaft only lets you clean what they want not what you want

    Download ccleaner and also ccenhancer this will enable you to clean a crap ton more than what the default windows disk clea up will allow disclaimer be careful what all you check and read the warnings accordingly that ccleaner will give basically i wipe almost everything except what it states will or might cause issues with windows 8 or newer.

    Next get smart defrag seriously it works way better than microshaft default defragment program…and before anyone questions me I have been doing this for over 20 years I have multiple certifications.

    best way to defrag if you have the time disable your swap file temporarily press your windows button and pause/break to bring up the window click advanced system settings click settings tab on performance click the advanced tab click change on virtual memory take the chck out of auto manage then click the circle that says no page file then reboot into safe mode.

    After Windows 10 reboots, you can choose which boot options you want enabled. To get into Safe Mode, you have three different options. To enable Safe Mode press the F4 key on your keyboard, to enable Safe Mode with Networking press F5 and to enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt press F6. if these options do not work for you use google before performing the above steps.

    Once in safe mode run smart defrag enable the cleaner in the options it will clean more junk before it defrags then set it to fully defrag and optimize when done if you have very little ram and need the paging file aka virtual memory then re enable it following the steps above in reverse then reboot.

    Next I highly recommend a windows 10 privacy tool such as spybot anti-beacon or one of the other tools you can find on major geeks they will help to 1 stop constant data transfer to and from microsoft and also disable some resource hogging processes.

    From there do some more research for yourself

  2. thank you so much i serch for this a long time i thoght my pc dameg anyway just want to ask u about the ram i don't understand how to do it i have toshiba laptop and i'm install new windows from usb drive and my pc very slow and stak i have this pc 6 year's so if i have 2g ram how much i need to put on this op? pease help

  3. Please help me!
    done all this already, im running pretty old laptop, and since upgrading (even did clean install of win10) i have fps drops in my League of Legends matches. They appear to pop up once in few minutes 5-10 minutes, after being in game for 10~20ish minutes and usually are as long as one to two minutes, which makes it hard for me to do well in a teamfight. ive tried everything, im using razer cortex with ''disable explorer.exe'' and ''run on game desktop'', having resolution and settings customly made to lowest possible. i can run higher settings, but i tried to make it as low as possible in hope the fps drops would disapear, they hadnt. do you have any idea what can i do? because i cant go back to win 7 anymore.

  4. Why are you recommending people put their own page file sizes? Wouldn't it be just easier to just leave Windows to do it's thing? They have gotten infinitely better at managing these things and it isn't a problem anymore. This isn't Windows XP you know…

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