Windows 10 – How to Move the Taskbar

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A quick video on how to change the location of your Task Bar.
Windows 10 update – click taskbar settings instead of properties
Stops task bar from being blocked by items in front of the monitor or if you accidentally moved it and want it put back at the bottom.


  1. can anyone fix this i have windows ten laptop and for some reason i cannit even touch the the taskbar i can even press the icons in the taskbar pls pls pls help me

  2. This video is good but it's quite old.
    I'm using win10 and I can't do anything as in the video instructed. But from the idea of the video, after Right Click at the task bar, I chose Settings and it opens a new settings window, look on the left, choose taskbar and you will see the position and other settings of taskbar in there.

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