Windows 10 – How-to Regain Your Privacy

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Windows 10 has a lot of Privacy concerns. Use this guide (A video reproduction of a reddit post) to choose which items you would like to disable. Hopefully, you can regain some of your privacy and enjoy the new Operating system, Windows 10.

UPDATE! Use Spybot Anti-beacon for windows 10, it does everything for you.



  1. I did this a year ago and I've noticed some devices no longer work or have 'disappeared' entirely. Wonder if the issue is related to doing the above combined with subsequent Windows updates?

  2. Would it Be possible to get a printout of the features we're turning off my screed resolution isn't the greatest. And I have a hearing problem.( probable from army tanks for 14 Years). I would like to turn off all the things you suggested.

  3. You re not right. No matter what you do it still sends 100% info to theese bastards at m$. Use Wireshark to monitor net traffic. And on top of it they sell it on darknet. THIS IS NOT TINFOIL HAT you can go and check it yourself.

  4. Still using my Windows XP LMFAO.

    I will upgrade to Windows 7 soon, but Micro$oft is ending security updates for Windows 7 on 2020, that's 3 years from now. After the support ends I can move to Linux 😛

  5. Thank you very much. Just two questions :
    1. how do I get c:systems32 in the command prompt, because it gives me my computer names by default ?
    2. When I copy-paste the last part in win…etc (all files), it does not accept to save in the format 'all files', even though I have administrator rights on the PC. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  6. "Windows 10 has a lot of Privacy concerns."

    One of those great UNDERSTATEMENTS. Let me be more direct….you have NO
    privacy….ever….with Windows 10….NONE. Microsoft can, and will, copy your
    most personal files, share data with Police and remove software from your
    PC remotely when THEY want to… They will also change any settings you make
    right back with the next set of updates…. Did I also mention the keylogger built
    into Windows 10 also….?

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