Windows 10 – How to Set Up Remote Desktop Connection

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This videos shows how you can set up remote desktop on Windows 10.


  1. Thanks for creating the video. Next video please don't keep repeating yourself. It's annoying.

    Also for those of you who are connecting to a computer not on your local network you will need to get the WAN address. You do this by going to the PC you want to connect to and in the browser type "my IP address". You will need to setup port forwarding and a static IP address on the computer you will connect to.

  2. i enter the "host" password but it says login failed enter new credentials, but the password is right cuz i use it to sign in into the host and i made sure that it's the same

  3. TL;DFW (SMFH!)

    1) Configure
    SystemPropertiesAdvanced.exe -> Remote (tab) -> Enable "Allow Remote Assistance…" & Select "Allow remote connections…"

    2) Info
    cmd -> `ipconfig` -> IPv4 Address <>

    3) Login
    type IP -> enter credentials.

    YOU REDICULOUSLY PHXKIN' WELCOME. Let's make this a thing – bash videos with better info .


    Can other people log into my computer?
    – yes and only if they know the name/ip because according to this video privacy isn't a concern.

    How do I only make access to my pc regardless of name/ip?
    – vpn perhaps but i'm not entirely sure 🙁

    Is the IP's i'm getting only for LAN?
    – most likely because nothing is done easy

  4. i have a problem , when i head over to system properties non of my remote desktop settings appear at the bottom , Example " Allow remote connections to this computer " , please help

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