Windows 10 How to use bitlocker drive encryption

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Windows 10 How to use bitlocker drive encryption

I love Windows 8.1! It has everything I need EXCEPT ONE THING: Start Menu! They say Microsoft generates a lovely operating system EVERY OTHER VERSION! And Windows 10 is going to be just that: the best Windows of all. And it is!

If you follow me in this crash course you will see the reason:

There is a new start menu here that has the best of the two worlds! It lists the application in two pages, one start menu pinned applications and the…


  1. If your data is sensitive attackers can still break your encryption get an USB and get all sensitive data into it and then make an encrypted file with TrueCrypt and make it need an keyfile and password to unlock also encrypt the USB drive with BitLocker that is 2 layers of protection np 😀

  2. no bitlocker option in windows 10
    ur OS is fake my friend
    am trying to use bitlocker since windows 8 came
    and after windows 10 I lost hope
    now am thinking to downgrade for windows 7
    the best ever.

    thanks anyway

  3. Be careful with your password. I have a de_DE (German) setup keyboard grid and there for example z and y are exchanged relatively the normal English keyboard layout. So keep in mind that if you try to unlock your encryption after restart.

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