Windows 10 – How to Use Splitscreen (Up to 4 Windows at Once)

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Learn how to use split screen and half multiple windows open on the same screen on windows 10.

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  1. This is far too tedious. Life is too short to click

    If you want a window on the left hit hotkey: windows-key + left-arrow.
    For right hit windows-key + right-arrow
    For bottom hit windows-key + down-arrow.
    For top hit windows-key + up-arrow

    For top-right, hit windows-key + up-arrow, followed by windows-key + right.
    Etc …

    By the way, the windows key is the flag key next to alt.

  2. Dragging, nor buttons, or any combination of the sort do anything at all. On my third hour trying to get "side by side" to work. It just stacks two tiny windows atop of each other on the far left of the screen, essentially leaving a TON of open space and two tiny windows that are now unusable and have to be resized. Stacking windows is the complete opposite of side by side. Tons of research and articles, now on my 10th video; if a fourth year computer science major can't get this to work, I'd say it's borderline useless.

  3. I use a mac and win10, I can split screen in both but one feature I like in mac is when click "full screen" on a youtube screen, it fill the part of the screen instead of full screen but in win10 it becomes full screen. How can I just fill part of the screen instead of full screen in win10?

  4. skip the 1st minute of drivel, why cant people just keep things simple and quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuuuuuck
    You could have said all that in 30 seconds ffs. Click hold drag, click hold drag, click hold drag, THats it!!….. don't talk to people like they're 2 years old moron

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