Windows 10 In Depth: Groove Music

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For the last Windows 10 in depth video of 2015 we’re rockin’ out to Groove Music. As we wrote recently, music on Microsoft is the best that it’s been for awhile and Groove Music is a big part of that. While there are features that people would like to see added, I think Groove is one of the best apps that Microsoft made in Windows 10.

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  1. I have over 100 gigs of music on my Groove that I transferred locally, however, I downloaded Groove for my Galaxy TAB2 and don't know how to transfer/Sync it there. Thanks for the video, but got any pointers on how I can sync my Groove local library on my Windows 10 Laptop to my Galaxy Tab? Thank you again!

  2. my only issue with it is that fact that I plugged my phone into my computer spent 3 or 4 hours making a playlist and couldn't just download my playlist to my phone. and the sync feature doesn't seem to do anything. 24 hours later still no music on my devices.

  3. Hi there. I was in love with MixRadio. So this is gone as i am with W10M, so i have to move to Groove Music. Now as i am in South Africa, the app does not accept cards issued from my land. Any suggestion. The same issue is with Pandora and Spotify. Looks like SA is at the end of the world and the only ppl what looked after us killed the app (MixRadio).


  4. I initially thought Groove music was good but half of the stuff I have put on my laptop from my phone are "unknown music" they play fine but still annoying as no album details and album artwork etc. There isn't really a way of editing it compared to Windows Media Player. I also thought the free 30 day trial of downloading music would be good which would allow me to take full advantage and download loads of albums for free and then transfer onto other devices, little did I know that they don't play anywhere apart from on Groove Music due to some file protection which is silly! I don't want to waste time downloading Groove Music on my other devices like phone, tablet and computer.

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