Windows 10 Intel Rapid Storage How To

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  1. I am experiencing the error message but my other problem is I cannot get online and pressing the windows icon does absolutely nothing. So I cannot even shut down regularly. Is this related or a whole other problem?

  2. legend, I've added a 32gb ssd for cache and scoured the net for hours on end to find a solution and it was as simple as that and your done!
    never had an issue doing this until now with notebooks with people either telling me it can't be done to changing settings in the bios or it's because i have to much ram in my system.
    now it boots up the pc and programs twice as quick so thanks for that and keep up the good work!

  3. I'm having difficulties with the Intel RST not running. I've gone to DELL and installed an "older" Dell recommended version (Intel RST – not latest). Still not running. My OS (SSD – M.2) is drive 2. In following your steps, I'm wary of when you "clean". What is being Cleaned? Is drive being wiped clean & re-formatted? I definitely don't want that. I just want the Intel-rst working!! definitely appreciate getting over this hurdle. Thanks

  4. What Happened if you ca not find the disk because you already used it as a recovery disk before and want to use it as a normal disk again? I having problem with this now! It was a mistake of mine and I want to bring my disk (HDD) back, I can not find it in my own computer. Can you please help me?

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