Windows 10 Launch – July 29

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On July 29, fans in 190 countries around the world celebrated the launch of Windows 10 and kicked off a new yearlong initiative to #UpgradeYourWorld, which recognizes people and organizations making a difference.


  1. Stop lying to everyone. Windows 10 is bad. It keeps crashing, and forcing me to sit through updates, and it undoes my settings. WTF. Microsoft, try to make things that are actually good instead of just good enough (to make money).

  2. At first the guy said "We love Windows 10!"
    Me:but i live windows 8.1?
    Microsoft:You need to update to your windows 8.1 to 10
    Me:is there any charms bar and that huge start screen
    Microsoft:We removed charms bar finally and you cloud make your start screen huge
    Me:Ok :/
    After update
    NO! CHARMS BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE I WANT THAT BACK 🙁

  3. I updated on the first day…..but then went back to 8.1 again coz of poor driver support and so much slow UI. And after anniversary update I have come back to 10 permanently :))

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