Windows 10 Lock-Up/Crash FIX [2018]

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Hello everyone, Jussin here with a short tutorial regarding random lock-ups/freezes/crashes when either gaming or general PC use. This has been proven to work for some people but there are more than 2 culprits that can cause these errors. If this helped you out don’t forget to leave a like, comment, and subscribe!!

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE – SYSTEM – ControlSet001 – Services…


  1. Thanks hope this work for me the last few months I have to hard reset at lease 2-4 times a day just watching Youtube and regular browsing on the web like Amazon. Fucking annoying, fucking MS knew this is a known issue why don't the fuck they just push out an update to fix this shit? This anniversary shit update really fuck a lot of people up. At the end of the fucking day I don't see anything different with this anniversary version beside this fucking screen freezes up to the point nothing is working like your mouse, keyboard and etc. so you have to hard reset it to get things working again.

  2. The changes have made a difference in no lock-ups or crashes in Windows. However, I had to revert back as Windows updates couldn't complete updates after restart. The update is this: 2018-2 Cumulative Update For Windows 10 Version 1709 for x64-based System (KB4074588)

  3. Well … THANK YOU so so much… im not very tech friendly but i kind of stumble about quite well. I thought i was losing my mind.. just didnt understand how it could keep freezing after following your very clear instructions my pc is behaving normally…. massive thanks… will recommend you to the WORLD lol

  4. My PC keep crashing randomly after I updated to Win 10 version 1709 didn't have any problems with older Win 10 versions :/ Let's hope this works! I will report back after few days 😛

  5. I know this is kindof out of the blue too. But i have this weird anomoly happen and for unexplained reasons. I turn my computer back on after a shut down and (since computer problems have surfaced) it will say "incorrect password" or something where i click "ok" to resume the boot up. Is there… someone on my computer (excuse me for being weird…) hacking or trying to get into my computer?

  6. I did this, and in the adv power setting it was set to shut my hard drive(s) off after 20 minutes, so I set that to never also, hopefully this will work along with everything else you said.

  7. hey i got this task bar freezes also with start button ..etc except the programs that i pinned them … it really bugs me whenever i needed something from search or wifi ..etc i tired the fixes on the video but meh fml

  8. Hi I wonder if you could help please. I'm using a new computer and have installed Window 10 Pro. I have also installed Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 21.1. I've tried everything I can think of and can't get Pinnacle to export a video without crashing the computer. I don't think it's the video clips I'm using as it can crash anywhere from 30% rendered to 92% rendered. I've been trying for a week and have not got a video exported yet. Sometimes I get the blue screen and other times it just instantly dies and reboots. Any help would be very much appreciated. I have tried what you have in this video but still the same, Thanks, Terry

  9. if this don't work, try clicking on the search option on the task-bar type defrag and just manually analyze and optimize all your drives. that's currently working for me

  10. i tryed alot of these this one was new and still locking up and freezing i go watch and durning the middle of show it locks my firefox up and and it does to ie and chrome as well i killed the start up features and everything is up to date on my pc came with 10 when i bought it new and i have to hard restart by holding down the shut off buttion after its frozen for 10 minutes i did a factory reinstall and cleaned the drive it lastest me a year and half before it started doing this now after reinstalled the os it does it on bad does and good days it doesent do it and sometimes the updates fail and wont evan install either i dont kno what else to do i use my laptop and have my tv connetecd as a second monitor show i can stream movies and old cartoon shows i grew up with and some new ones also i dont have cable just over the air and internet so yeah there ant nothing ever on tv anyways accept trump all time our hillary so yeah please help me if you can thanks im in din all the time so yeah and our house is configured for the whole wifi thing i run avast i use to be avg user but i always thought sucked i only used the store a copule of times for the free games and thats it

  11. And another thing is to set the windows paging system to automatic as i set it to custom it just makes my custom pc like a depressed pig. So set it automatic and i did other tweaks of my regs for more gaming. This one is new to me

  12. Didn't help unfortunately, still getting whole system lock ups. Can you recommend any different fixes? I'm getting really angry that this occurs on start up of PC, Edge browser and especially on my Killing Floor 2 server 🙁

  13. for me its mostly happens with games that using the unreal 4 engine (ARK for exampel) komplet freez. when i restart, the only thing i have in the log is a power surge that comes from me pressing the restart button…. i have this problem now for 1 1/2 year

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