Windows 10 Mac like trackpad/touchpad swipes switching desktops WORKS 2017

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Sorry for the very laggy video so I have written the steps as well.
1. Download and install auto hotkey (link provided below).
2. Download the files from the other link below.
3. Open these files and you should have 2 files. Open the ‘Touchpad Swipe Gestures.reg) file and install it.
4. Now go to your touchpad settings (Control Panel then Hardware and Sound…


  1. Thanx It works flawlessly when switching desktops by swiping 4 fingers left to right .But when swiping 4 fingers downwards it gives a task view but there mouse pointer just can't move after going back to normal desktop view it's like windows key permanently pressed because buttons work like that to get into normal proceedings u need to press windows key once
    In the updated one

  2. +StereotypedFilms I dont know why I can't reply to you directly, so I'll just make another comment. You should be natively be able to go back and forward in your browser using the 3 finger swipe. What I would suggest is at first uninstalling the driver, then reinstalling. Don't install driver over a currently installed one, as this will retain all saved stuff for your touchpad. Then try all the steps again.

  3. ok so when i swipe four fingers down, the win key seems to be still pressed which causes malfunction when i press num keys like 1 2 3 .. it opens the app in the taskbar. how do i stop getting the win key press by itself when i do a four swipe down

  4. Hello, I am running an MSI GS60 with windows 10, your gesture works great with 4 fingers but after around 15 minutes the windows key stays virtually pressed and i cannot use the keyboard because it reads all the windows key combinations. For example if i try typing the letter "m" it will minimize the window because it thinkgs i am pressing the windows key. Is there a way to fix this? i really love your app, please help, thank you!

  5. What is your laptop? Is it Asus?

    Sorry for out of topic. I'd Asus laptop packed with elan touchpad. But the suck is the touchpad is managed by Asus smart gesture.
    I want to download elan driver, but what is the latest driver version, did you know?

  6. This doesn't work for me, unfortunately.  Three finger left and right swipe work to go forward and back in the browser, but autohotkey doesn't seem to be picking up the gestures and translating them to win+ctrl+<direction>

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