Windows 10 – Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX Steam Edition

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Here’s Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX) Steam Edition running on Windows 10. I didn’t go through the installation procedures because Steam handles all of that.


  1. OK I'm frustrated as Hell. Every time I click to open FSX, it opens the steam program with a demo video. Steam doesn't even find FSX-SE anywhere. When I put add a non-steam game it finds FSX. This is like pulling my teeth out. Please help. Ive installed twice. There are no video showing the issue I'm having. Steam cant be that much better than the boxed version to be going through these install issues with my ASUS G75VW w/ i7 (3rd gen), 12gb DDR3 RAM, Nvidia 660M 2gb DDR5 VRAM and 2 7300rpm 750gb Gaming HDD running Raid 0. I just don't understand. Please help. Again, when I click FSX icon it opens steam program and not FSX.

  2. I have windows 10 and I just bought fsx steam edition. It does just install en startup but when i start any kind of flight it crashes. i tried the property thing bit didn"t work. Does anybody have a solution?

  3. Hello there 🙂 I just bought my Flight Simulator X Steam Edition this time when i run the game the text is blank all blank i totally buy the Flight Simulator X SE and i hope u can answer my problem

  4. Kati asxeto otan paw gia kapia ptisi mou xei ta aircrafts idi etima gia tin ptisi.. pia einai i epilogi ostoso na mporo na ta kanw oliko start up monos mou ?

  5. Hi there! I received today the FSX steam edition and I installed the game on my windows 10. I've tried a lot of stuff to make the game run but it keeps to pop-up a FATAL ERROR on the game. Should I uninstall and reinstall again?? I need HELP!!!!!
    I'd really apreciate all the help you can give!
    Your sincerely.

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