Windows 10 Mining Rig Settings

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This video will show you the important settings when setting up a Windows 10 mining rig.

Get Windows 10 video below.

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Gambler Mining Rig Build…


  1. Hey 123myIT, what anti-Virus software do you advise? Normally i use Avast, but that could get expensive over time when using several rigs, and i have no idea what it would do to the stability or the speed of the rig.
    Btw, as almost every one says, keep up the fantastic work here 🙂
    Cheers 😉

  2. Thx 4 the video, had done most of the list except for the bat file. Made little difference to the hash rate. Running 2 asus p1060 6Gb rates are 18+ and 14+ is this the best I should see?

  3. Nice vid mate thanks. Also it’s good to make a shortcut of your current miner and add it to your startup in case your rig does reboot. Windows key+s, Run, “shell:startup” then add your shortcut. I also add a batch file for all my Overclock/undervolt settings for each card via overdriventool. Works beaut

  4. Yesterday I have purchased a new GA Z270P D3 Motherboard for mining and I am confused how to start, should I enable adding more than one grafic card in the bios than instal windows 10 or should I should my firest step be instal the mining bios (BIOS-Z270P-D3 download from gigabyte site) then instal windows. What are the software steps from A to installing Windows.

  5. Hey man, love your videos. They are extremely helpful.
    I am planning to build my own mining rig. What I have decided to use is
    MSI B250M Pro
    One GTX 1050ti 4GB
    4GB DDR4
    Intel Celeron
    120GB SSD
    And a decent psu.
    I will add more gpus along the way. Do you think this setup will be profitable? Should I go ahead and build it?
    Please answer.

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