Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update – Hands on!

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Join us as Tom takes a look at the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update.

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  1. Oh yea, the edge browser is nice and cool ? How about horizontal scrolling on websites ? Has that "FEATURE" been released in Windows 10 mobile YET ? Fucking retards!

    And Skype has been updated? I guess it's not the slowest one on EVERY device out there. I had an LG Zero opening up skype faster on fucking Android than the skype on Microsoft Windows. And fucking Skype BELONGS to Microsoft.

    Again: the company name should read: Fucking retard Microsoft inc.

  2. You need to speak clearer and anunciate better because you keep slurring your words and dropping volume at the end of sentences. This video was frustrating to listen to because of that. Otherwise, good job.

  3. well , i still think windows phone 8.1 is a lot better than 10 , because i can start music in browser and lock screen then i dont even need to hunt for mp3 ..

    idk about high end but , in my low end and weak lummia 535 , it runs like shit , buggy , slow , all in all, terrible UX

    camera performance is worse after the update , audio through the headphone has degraded,

    groove music isnt as robust as Xbox ,
    startscreen looks better on 8.1, apps load quicker on 8.1

    lockscreen has glitches like , time is displayed a second after the phone is turned on , the store is really bad and slow and ugly …

    cortana doesnt works 70percent of the time …

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