Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update: What’s new?

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Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update has started rolling out to Insider phones on the Release Preview Ring and soon to be on Public Release. Compared to the Creators Update on PC, there aren’t any noticeable changes on Windows 10 Mobile. Check out the video to see what’s new from the Creators Update, which might be the last major update for Windows 10 Mobile.


  1. I have a problem can u solve it for me my Instagram is not working so I uninstalled it and after that when I try to install it back it is showing this error 0x80073D05 can u please find solution for it my mobile is Nokia Lumia 730 and using windows 10 creator update

  2. A few things he missed:
    1. Edge has been updated to version 15. Now has better standards support and a new animation when a tab is opened in the background and should theoretically be faster and more efficient
    2. After a missed call, in Action Center, you have the options to Call, Text and Remind you
    3. After a new app is installed, in Action Center you have the options to Open App and Pin to Start
    4. Storage Sense is a bit redesigned. The Temporary Storage now includes more options
    5. Battery Sense is a bit redesigned
    6. Data Sense is a bit redesigned
    7. Apps section in Settings: App list a bit redesigned.
    8. Apps for Websites: Introduced in Anniversary Update, the feature actually works now.
    9. Fluent Design system for apps. Some apps have have it on Anniversary, some don't. So maybe it's a Creators thing only

  3. Windows phones are so underrated… They got such a big potential but the media basically killed all the Lumias just because of the operative system problems. Now Microsoft developers are finally improving windows 10 mobile, and I'm sure the results will come out, they just have to be patient and keep working: if possible, even faster. This wouldn't be necessary if they had waited before releasing windows 10 mobile, but since they did it too early, now they have to fix all the problems in short time.
    This way, they'll be ready to finally release the new gamma of Windows phones with that badass operative system they need.

    I always thought that Windows mobile has such a lot of useful features and good points, compared to Android, and even to Ios.
    It basically got killed with the release of windows 10 mobile: they just should've waited more.

    Now Microsoft has the chance (and I think this is the last one) to regain all the credibility they have lost in the smartphone industry.

    Personally, I'm going to buy, soon, two Nokia Lumia 930 for both my parents: this for two reasons:
    1) they currently have two Lumia 535, so I didn't want them to learn a new operative system (they also are fine with windows mobile 10, it's just became too slow because of the Lumia 535 hardware and because they didn't receive the Creators update yet);
    2) at the price I can find the Lumia 930 now (around 50 euros), with that hardware, it's without any doubts a deal.

    Hope my thought was helpful to somebody to revalue Windows phones.

  4. What's wrong with your 3500€ laptop if it's running bad with Win10? Super smooth IMO. Have it running on three different devices without any problems.

  5. 1 cortana sucks
    2 the pleople hate on iphone but How the fuck you're waiting a phone from 2013 to be as fast as one from this year? OMG they use old phones but still want they were fast :v

  6. it saddens me that Windows​ mobile OS is fading away because of Microsoft's​ stupid decision making… It really is the greatest mobile OS. In Android I had to make a lot of tinkering (launcher, icon packs, lots of widgets) to get an almost similar feeling that is merely default in Windows. In iOS that's not even possible.

  7. The biggest things they could do is 1) simply reach out to big app developers and imve$t in some better support for the app store.
    Second would be to arranged premium windows phones as "mobile xbox" devices. Microsoft ownes several original xbox IP (more then 70 IP) these games should be play anywhere tittles with mobile first support as they wouldn't need much updating to run on phones. Mean while with continuum you could achieve similar function as the nintendo switch. Then simply give better SDK support for mobile with xbox one controllers. Having a mobile xbox in your phone….that would sell like hotcakes.

    Honestly as a device, everything is their ….just need better third and first party app support, and mobile xbox would be such huge selling point.

  8. But Glance Screen is always on when my 650 is charging. It hasn't received the Creators Update yet, and there's no option to turn it off or on, but it's always on when charging.

  9. The way of explaining is simple and clear.. Do onething more don't hang phone in hand put it on table so phone will not shake click with touch pen. Else everything was nice and simple

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