Windows 10 Network Path Was Not Found 0x80070035 Possible Fix! – BlueLight

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Please watch: “How to change / rename Your Computer Name In Windows 10 – BlueLightTECH”


Windows 10 Network Path Was Not Found Error 0x80070035 Possible Fix! – BlueLight


  1. There are a lot of YouTube Channels showing this to fix Network problems. I have the same error code coming up and I've done all these changes on both PCs (with Windows 10) but I still have the same non accessible issue? Any other solutions?

  2. Home network not worked because of Nod32 Smart security. Put in the settings of the firewall in the learning mode and became my happiness. On one computer was Kaspersky antivirus Internet security, everything is fine with him. Initially it gave the same error.

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