Windows 10 – No Movie Maker? It’s Still Available!!! (For Now)

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If your have a clean install of Windows 10 or a new PC that came with Windows 10, you won’t have Microsoft Movie Maker installed.

I cannot change the annotation at the beginning of this video. YouTube has turned off annotations for some videos. Although I say there is one in that text, there is no longer a link at Microsoft. Please follow the instructions below to download and install Movie Maker.

UPDATE: Mar 29, 2017. The last Microsoft site that I found with a download is no longer…


  1. Oh my gosh dude!! You're honestly the best person in the world! I have been so frustrated with not using movie maker and I tried forever to find how to get it again, you saved my life!

  2. I just figured out the official download was shutdown when I tried installing moviemaker on my laptop, I went back to this video and surprisingly got the solution. Thanks m8! This is a big help <3

  3. Great video. but any advice on why after downloading the movie maker 2012 free MM download on my windows hp laptop and after getting the download, spending 3 days putting a 30 min video together and then going to save it a microsoft box comes up asking me to register / Code / Buy Now or later. so everytime I keep clicking later and my 30 min video want save ? any advise on where Im going wrong Cheers

  4. Thank you! I was able to download Movie Maker and create my movie. I now need to burn it to a DVD but have no Windows DVD Maker in Windows 10. How can I burn it with an autoplay function so the movie begins when put into any DVD player? Do you have a site for downloading the Windows DVD Maker I used to have before I got Windows 10?

  5. We have traveled backwards. I remember a time when it was super easy to access an application that would allow you to do simple edits to video that included adding text, etc. WTF ! Now it feels impossible. What the hell happened? Thanks for this video.

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