Windows 10 on iMac 5k Benchmark | i7-4790k m295x 16gb

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I ran the same benchmarks that I ran on the OS X side. In Windows 10 on the new Retina iMac 5k, it actually scores higher. Interesting.

Operating System: Windows 10 Technical Preview
Computer 2014 iMac Retina 5k
i7-4790K CPU processor
AMD Radeon R9 m295x 4096MB Video Card

Ultra Street Fighter IV Gaming on iMac 5k and Benchmark:

If you have any questions or would like me to run more tests in Windows 10 on the new Retina iMac, then…


  1. hey do u mind to share how u manage to install windows on imac 5k?

    i tried with bootcamp but keep gettin error cannot create partition in the window instalation window…any fix for that?

  2. Please help me someone…. I have the iMac 5k with the m295x, but whenever i launch any games from windows 10 (PAYDAY 2, SPACE ENGINEERS, DAYZ) I get horrible graphics and space engineers wont even let me launch because it says my graphics arent good enough, ples someone, anyone…… 

  3. So I followed your directions exactly. Downloaded windows 10 tech preview. Checked all 3 boxes. When windows starts up it gets to the format disk screen and when I click format the bootcamp partition it says: "windows cannot be installed on this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style." Tried to fix this I'm terminal and I deleted the entire disk. Even my OS X side.

  4. Anyway that you could explain how you got windows to install with bootcamp?  I have been installing windows on macs for years and never had a problem, but i cant get it to install on the 5k imac.  (M295X GPU).  First windows would not detect drivers, I finally found the right drivers and got past that, but now windows will begin install and stop at 65% expanding windows.  I have tried many times and it always freezes there.   I have genuine copies of windows.  If you can help at all it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  5. hello….can you make a bench for ac unity at max resolution and max settings plz
    in windows for sure just to see how powerful it is
    or you can make any other new games
    reply me
    waiting u

  6. Thanks for doing this! the gpus have always performed better in bootcamp over osx. This translates over to all windows games so far. Pretty sure it's related to driver/opengl/directx.

    My rig will be here soon. I'm super excited.

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