Windows 10 or 8 System Interrupts FIX SOLVED CURE!

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Windows 8 System Interrupts High CPU
Made on windows 8 but I hear this is the same with windows 10! So please post your findings in the comments box below. You guys can be the forum. Ok so you’re here because you’re tearing your hair out wondering why your CPU is going bonkers in idle mode!
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  1. Hello my laptop did a update this morning when it was done my laptop was suddenly high not cooling down i opened task manager an saw that. iv tried doing a restore point back earler date but its not going away. is it a virus? im thinking of doing system restore

  2. Hi, iam using Windows 10 and i have this issue 'System Interrupt' using 20% of my cpu usage and i found out to be the culprit is My GPU and when i disabled it system interrupt lowers to 0% but at the same time i cant even play my games. So please i need some help regarding this issue.

  3. Thank you so much!. i've been trying to fix this for way too long. (also disabling hardware acceleration on Chrome seems to have calmed my CPU down alot too).
    Thanks heaps for making this video!

  4. you just saved my day!!! spent the last 5h of searching for a fix but without finding a solution, your trick worked!
    windows 10, had a constant 40-50% cpu load, now 0-3% in idle!
    thanks a lot!

  5. Yessss!!! After the Windows Anniversary and security updates I had this issue. I was locked out of everything. I spend 5 days, day and night, not understanding why the update took over 48 hours. I rebooted maybe 50 times and finally could open my Task manager after waiting for hours and many screens of death…. this was the issue!!!! You saved my freelance Job!!!! Thank you!!! Eternally gratefull! Greetings from Holland!

  6. Some technical background on this problem:
    It's caused by one of the most discuss-worthy "features" of windows, that is some design decision concerning its scheduler. The windows scheduler is rigged to prioritize system interrupts at the highest possible priority. Thus a faulty piece of code provoking shittons of interrupts (like IO-calls) might eventually crash your entire system, as even threads on kernel level have a lower priority. It's a great feature, as that it guarantees real-time reaction to interrupts, but also a horrible feature, as even the system has lower priority. Other OSes like linuxes and MacOS give the system a higher priority than interrupts, which guarantees a smoothly running system, even though IO-calls might be slower at times. It makes windows for most IO-heavy programs (like games for example) much better but for everyday purposes (in which you in general have much less real-time dependent IO), it slows you down occasionally.
    As to why changing the boot mode fixes this problem:
    I assume the logging of meta-data, which is necessary for fast booting, involves too many write operations on your harddrive. I'd thus recommend turning this feature off, until it is fixed, as harddrives (and especially the more expensive SSDs) have a limited lifetime when it comes to writing operations. HDDs tend not to die because of too many write operations but due to the physical motors getting damaged due to too many boots. Anyways, I don't know how such faulty OS-code could get into the release (and hasn't been fixed since!).

  7. Yeah he is correct that the system goes into some hybrid hibernation (not standby) and there is a pagefile-like file that is required to use this feature, and it is ~10gb or 15gb (I forgot), but if you disable this feature then you disable the awesome fast startup feature that windows 8+ is built off.. I just experienced this system interrupt thing today but not in task manager, in resource monitor. It was laggy as shit but it went away after signing out and signing back in… Other than today I've never had a problem with it. +Mark Recording and everybody else you can delete this huge file if you delete this feature, it exists right next to the pagefile I believe. I will not say where it is because if you don't know or can't use google then you don't belong fucking with shit. -rip rip shit up

    EDIT: like +watcheths said, and what you should do instead of fucking with nice features because you're too lazy to fix things properly, is take some time to read why the problem is being caused and fix it (which is usually easy as shit when you understand your problem and read the help, this guy went through endless forums to get a half-ass answer and I found it the first google search result. Most likely it is a driver/hardware or peripherals problem

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