Windows 10 P2P Update Optimization Issue

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How to turn-off Windows 10 Update Optimization.
It turns out Microsoft has found another way to alienate Windows users in the new Windows 10 release. What that is is an alternate way for users to get Windows 10 and app updates via a Windows 10 to Windows 10 P2P network.
I was notified about this update scenario by a friend of mine who operates a website called PocketFullOfApps.
In his story he stated, “Essentially by the looks of it, Microsoft…


  1. Well this is why so many people are having problems with Windows 10. There not only p2p updates but Windows 10 itself how else to you think they get it out to so many people. Now if one guy has a bad download then it goes down the line, poor fucken system if I do say so.

  2. Seems like a massive security hole to me. Someone is going to figure out how to inject code into the update, so when over people download it, they get infected. Unless Microsoft has put some really strong security into this feature, I would disable it. I do think downloading it from computers on your network would be useful.

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