Windows 10 PC To Get β€˜Game Mode’ To Improve Performance

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Windows 10 will be obtaining a game mode to improve performance by increasing the allocation of memory, CPU and GPU while you’re running video games says a leak. This is supposedly going to happen with the Windows 10 Creators Update.

– Link to our exclusive vulkan API interview with the Khronos group.

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  1. still wondering when the windows 10 system will be able to play Xbox ONE games without having to also have a Xbox ONE so this is the second step then …. great as long as it does not screw up all my other games i really do not care

  2. so basically "I heard from a guy who heard from a guy who talked to someone who claimed they thought they saw something in some documentation about a theoretical build leak, that windows could have some mode for gaming performance, and i'm putting it in this video because i really need to make some kind of content whether or not it even matters at all, but what-the-hell, it will make for some good clickbait."

  3. so essentially meaningless library that does what we are capable on our own for decades….yay… ;-/

    Thanks, but no thanks W10 spamware/spyware is where i draw the line.
    Neither DX12 nor this will convince me.

  4. What is the point to to run windows 10 anyway ? Windows 10 is just bloated spyware. It did even remove some awesome windows 7 features (DVD player) and include forced upgrades that crashes your computer while during sensitive work. BTW alot of games are made native for Linux and Mac now. Not everything. But you are no longer locked to Windows to have a gaming experience. Vulcan is the future. Directx is just an old relic to keep people locked in to the aweful Microsoft Windows Game Store The freedom to play anywhere – as long it is on Windows. What a joke..

  5. reminds me of the old streamlined startup floopys in the DOS days. I use to have game specific autoexec.bat and config.sys for games. Any one else remember expanded vs "extended" memory? ahhh yiss

  6. If only I could clone/copy a f**ing HD to another HD without needing 3rd party software. Stupid a$$ f***ing Windows should have the ability to clone a simple f***ing HD to another HD, but noooooo. I tried doing the stupid system image, but the disk is too small so I delete the entire f***ing partition, shrink the volume to less then the SSD I am trying to recover the system image to, had to make a f***ing boot disk, boot up again and the f***ing disk is active in the motherf***ing BIOS so the image restore fails. I try diskpart, clean the damn HD, act it, ass it, etc. and the piece of chit still gives me the same motherf***ing error. I finally say f** it, and download a free cloning software. Start it up, walk away for an hour, or so to let it work, and when I come back it is still at 1%… I try rebooting and anytime the new SSD is hooked up the system it refuses to boot or do jack chit. Dumbchit free software bricked my SSD, which I should have never have had to use/do if WIndows was not such a piece of chit and included some basic f**ing software tools, but noooo. If only there was some real competition for Windows I would jump ship in a heartbeat. F***ing Windows 10 can suck it. "How do you like Win 10 and would you recommend it to others"…F** NO, and f*** you Microsoft. How chitty can Windows get?

  7. there is already a way of doing this and it works really well if your hardware is shit what you do is:
    go to task manager
    find your game and right click on it and select details
    in details right click it again and hover over priority and then selectΒ high

  8. Windows 10 has been fine for me. I like the layout of the new OS. I bought Windows 10 pro for $30 from Bonanza. I have been very happy with the performance. But maybe that is because I have only gaming apps installed and I kill any task That I am not using and are not necessary for the OS to run.

  9. So what We have doing ever since Windows 95 in regard to squeeze just a few more frames out of the PC when running games is NEWS to Microsoft…?

    I remember when I was tweaking Windows 98, so that I would get 25% higher FTP out of My 3dfx Voodoo Banshee graphic card…..


  10. Microsoft is trying to force PC gamers into it's ecosystem again everyone run for your lives! Get ready for Microsoft to start forcing a console experience onto PC. Older games will stop working unless officially supported by the shitty Windows store, graphics settings will be locked by the all knowing MS……. MODS will not work unless supported by the windows store i.e. only if Microsoft is getting a slice of the money made from them!

    They tried this in 2008 with "Games for Windows Live" and two years later the platform was in the garbage bin and they refused to refund games bought on the platform that stopped working!

    Steer well clear of this everyone, MS have proven time and time again that they don't give a crap about their users and they only want your money!

  11. I went back to Windows 7 bicuase of old games , I got a filling windows 10 it's not out to help steam my options and I got a lot of new games 5 pc all went back to win 7 all I do is game on my pcs

  12. …Or MS is only introducing the game mode for their products and everything else will not run as good. They have still not given up on being "the better Steam", however moronic (and actually risky) such an attempt sounds like.

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