Windows 10 performance on a 10 year old laptop (Pentium M CPU) is it still usable?

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My conclusion is that it runs but since video playback does not work and generally the laptop is way too slow for complex power point presentations I’d say this laptop should be decommissioned at the best it can be used as a downloading machine.
Intel Pentium M CPU 1.60Ghz Single core no Hyper Threading
40 GB PATA Hard drive
2GB RAM upgraded from 256MB
Intel integrated graphics Intel GMA 900
Windows 10 Pro


  1. I installed Windows 10 on a Dell xps m1330 which according to the stickers inside was made in early 2008 which has an Intel core 2 duo t5750 with 3 gbs of ram and integrated graphics. It seems to work fine and even playback YouTube videos in 720p.

  2. I install Windows 10 with all drivers on laptop Fujitsu Siemens Amilo 1650g from year 2005 😂Cpu: AMD Sempron 3300+, Gpu: ATI Mobility Radeon 200m, ram: 1,5gb and HDD: 60gb 😂😂

  3. I'm sure most computers from 2006 that were designed for Windows XP, but officaly were certified as being "Windows Vista capable" (according to the Vista capable sticker) would still run Windows 10 kinda probably. If this laptop shopped with a Readon Xpress 200M, you could extract the driver from the Windows 7 install and use it on Windows 10. Or just have a Core Duo on this (so the Intel GMA 900 graphics). I know some Pentium 4 computers that actually have the Intel 945 chipset, like the HP Compaq dc7600 Series.

  4. As a person who owns a laptop with gma gpu – 950 I can say the official drivers are useless anyway. With or without drivers there is no gpu acceleration at least not on any modern compression system like h264 and h265.

  5. I have similar laptops (Dell 9300 and two Dell E1505's).The 9300 has a P-M CPU with an ATI X300, and the E1505's have Core Duo's with ATI X1400's. Both systems run Linux MATE really well. I can even run some older or less intensive Steam and GOG games on them. Steam requires a terminal command to start up properly: Has something to do with the libc library in 16.04.

    ## Loading Steam on older ATI cards:
    LD_PRELOAD='/usr/$LIB/' DISPLAY=:0 steam

    They're slow compared to new machines, but if you want to be able to continue using your old hardware, Linux is the ticket. I can watch Youtube, game, code, browse the web, etc. I love the 9300 as it practically has every port known to man. 6 USBs, VGA, DVI, Firewire, PCMCIA, modem, ethernet, SD card, S-Video…the only things missing are serial, parallel, and PS/2. 😀

    If you find that MATE is too heavy, then grab Xubuntu or Lubuntu (much lighter on resources). A buddy of mine says Kubuntu runs pretty good these days on older hardware and will definitely look nicer than the other two. Just stay away from stock Ubuntu with Unity. That thing is a hog.

  6. Bro can you tell me which windows 10 build is running on your laptop?? I have an Intel Atom N270 CPU @1.6GHz with Hyper-Threading and 2GB of DDR2 RAM and an 60GB PATA Hard drive on my netbook but it is very slow.. This build will run faster i think.. Pls tell me which build.. Look at ///Settings/System/About(or Info)

  7. U can find no problem on many sites like Dell etc – the drivers for Intel GMA 900 (Correct 915) and work perfect on Xp ,7 ,8.1-10 (from 8.1-10 u need to force install drivers via 7 or 8.1 compatibility to work)

    I have Dell D410 – 100% the same screen size and specyfications like yours and perfect run dual boot XP and 10 all support

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