Windows 10 Pricing Announced – IGN News

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If you’re unable to take advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade, here’s what you can expect to fork out to use Microsoft’s new OS


  1. So this Windows 10 upgrade goes on for a year? Awesome. I need to buy a new PC that comes with Windows 8.1 installed sometime in the next few months – so I will get a free copy of Windows 10?

  2. Whats the difference between the free update to windows 10 and the one in stores for 120/200$ is there an advantage of the system if you buy it or is the free version exactly the same as in stores? PLEASE respond

  3. With all this "universal apps things" Will I unlock Minecraft and Halo Spartan Assault on y PC and Phone since I bought them on my Xbox? If not at launch, will this be ever a feature?

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