Windows 10 Pro. Final Release.

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  1. in my opinion, I'd rather use windows 8/8.1 or 7 rather than 10 and here's why

    not that I'm disagreeing with what you have said, however when I got my upgrade from 8.1 to 10, my CPU or disk usage has been at 100% constantly. which wasn't a problem on 8.1. I'm not sure if it's my hardware, or if its just windows.

    even in windows 8.1 my disk usage and/or cpu usage has been a bit high, more than it should be (for example, 50% with no programs open or running in the background. also, my 100% usage problem in 10 was also from a fresh install). and was never fixed for me, and runs horribly for me

    my specs are as follows:
    AMD A-8 6410 APU with integrated Radeon R5 graphics

    x64, and a quadcore 64bit processor @ 2Ghz.

    750gb SATA HDD, 6GB of ram.

    I really don't know why its like that, but I did notice that I install the pro version of windows 8.1 off my base version, and my performance is a little better. and I'm now trying 10 again on pro.

    also, windows 8.1/ 10 (broth pro versions) have the Hyper V virtual machine manager. (similar to the windows xp mode that was on windows 7. give hyper V a review


    (just my thought on windows 10, I do like your review however)

  2. It is still bs since you cant deferr drivers update indefinetely. You are just postponing inevitable. i dont want such level uncontrollability. I own my machine, not fucking MS.
    I will stick with Win7Ultimate till same end and hope some issues will be corrected coz this is not right at all. For low level user fine, if you like it stick with it.

  3. I've had so many problems since "upgrading" to W10. 🙁 I lost onekey recovery (arguably not necessary with W10) as well as bluetooth (Broadcom) and my fingerprint reader. I had to use workarounds to get the USB 2.0 to work and the internet after a clean install (which I did after failed attempts to revert back to W7.) Everything was working perfectly before W10. The laptop that has these problems is a Lenovo B570 and is no longer my primary machine so by the time I realized the problems, it was too late to simply roll back to W7 (and my windows key was rubbed off the bottom of the laptop long ago.) So unhappy with W10, after microsoft ran a compatibility scan and said that my Lenovo was W10 ready (after I discovered the problems, I researched this and found that my system is NOT compatible with W10, contrary to what MS says.) Live and Learn. Test test test and research, never trust a company that says the system is compatible.

  4. I recently read an article that win 10 was a sham to collect personal info !! That it is automaticly installed with auto updates enabled. I personally do not run any micro-thief stuff for any reason !!!!! my opnion !!

  5. There is more of an issue with Gmail, because Google have locked MS out of a lot of there sdk options, fyi. Which is why Gmail is stuck with imap to connect with now and not "exchange active sync". There's probably more issues there..

  6. BUT YOU CAN'T TURN OF CORTANA SERVICES even if you want to!  

    See Tek syndicate, they prove services still polling MS Servers even with no Live account and all live services stopped!!!!!!

  7. Something that I got stuck on within a day is that OneDrive stopped syncing and wouldn't log in on Start Up.  Got an ideas on that?  If you have insight on that, let me know.  Thanks.

  8. Do you have any issue dualbooting with manjaro/arch?? Does it need to configure? I'm planning to dualboot my windows 10 with latest Manjaro. I know ubuntu base isn't have any problem with UEFI but i never install manjaro with windows …

  9. I have since (Before I watched your Video) uninstalled Mozilla Firefox on both my Windows 10 computers because I felt 5 browsers were too many. Edge does need a lot of work but will be a great back-up when they can use Google Extensions. Right now you can use Google Extensions on Opera (which I call Google Light )

  10. and most importantly even the Notifications Icon has stopped working, so I CANT let Microsoft now of my issues. IM GOING RIGHT BACK TO WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE, MY FINAL VERDICT ON WINDOWS 1O IT SUCKS BAD !!!! WORSE THAN VISTA

  11. i dislike Mozilla Firefox to but i installed it on my pc jut to see if it was true first you do not know what you saying i have Mozilla Firefox now on my pc and does not appear on default apps lol

  12. Any   time  upgrade  does  not  work  here  from  seven  prem  to   pro  ie  Australia
       {  windows ten pro version would have to be version for customers out here in out back Australia because a lot of them only have wireless 3g our 4g and limited data allowance and having the home version would not work for them so TEN prof will be the version used by our business and our customers pc repair business {because windows ten home prem does not allow updates to be set to users usage]}

  13. I installed Windows 10 Pro lastnight after about a hour, I started having issues,.the start or search icon has stopped working, the paste and copy here on youtube has stopped working, has the internet explorer, start up is very slow. its rough alright, feeling I made a mistake here

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