Windows 10 Pro for $15

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Windows 10 Pro for $15

Looking for a legitimate license for Windows 10 So you can activate Windows 10? SCDKEY have some of the cheapest product keys available on the internet. In this video, I will show you how to buy your product key then activate it. No tricks, No gimmicks, just the real deal and all for $15 fully activated.

This will give you full access to Windows 10 once activated.
So grab yourself a bargain and get the cheap Windows 10 Pro license key.

SCDKEY store is also a good…


  1. One question I have is: why are people concerned if it's legal or whatever? We are human; most of the time, we break the rules and the law, but we want to be the ones to cast the stone. Just let people enjoy things.
    By the way, great video! I enjoy watching you surf the web.

  2. Don't bother with this offer, I made the mistake & did not work via Windows Activation, So I tried over the phone Activation, After giving over my details i.e. Machine id. & Activation Key he told me it was a Pirated Key & therefore I should ask for a refund from the seller, I got back to SCDKEY via there chat Window & they refunded me within the hour no questions asked.

  3. Hi Brian hope you're well. I have just purchased Windows 10 Pro as shown but can you tell me how I go about downloading windows10 Pro? I visited the Microsoft website and downloaded the tool and it installed Windows 10 Home. Need help. Mick

  4. "I bought the key form a lad around the corner for a ยฃ100 fair and square. How would he be able to get away with it if it was illegal? You saw me use the key to open the lock? It fit therefore it's the right key and I own the house. Did you see me use lock picks or a pry bar? You did not! You started with accusations that only because I have the key I don't necessarily have the right to whatever it opens." This is what you sound like, Brian. This website is shady and you should know better. One thing I don't know is whether you did the video out of complete ignorance or if they paid you to do it.

  5. Thanks! I moved a Customer's Hard Drive over to a new system, because their Mobo died. Then, it wouldn't activate their PC again. For $13 for 10 home to be activated again for them, it was worth it to me. I hope the keys are legit and don't de-activate after a month or two. I suppose we'll see.

  6. I would seriously question the legitimacy of the keys that site is selling. For one, they could be codes swiped from retail boxes, that perhaps ironically got misplaced during shipping. It happens all the time.

  7. WARNING! I purchased 10 Windows 10 Pro Retail keys from this site. All 10 of them were blocked by Microsoft. I got back with scdkey and they replaced the keys a day later. So I went directly to Microsoft chat support and asked them to see if the replacement keys were valid. Come to find out the keys are MSDN keys, which can be blocked at any time. I highly recommend staying away from scdkey for Windows product keys.

  8. this is fucking are basically free but the company don't want to tag windows as free because they just want to make money from OEM. Microsoft doesn't want to make money from us on windows. if they hate piracy they could patch windows to prevent piracy….if they restrict piracy then the only way to get windows for free is getting a cracked version. no one wants a cracked os because everyone will think there is a threat to privacy and security. so automatically people will try free alternatives like Linux or remix os for their computing purposes. then windows gradually lose its popularity to its alternatives and Microsoft will go bankrupt

  9. Is this similar to Kinguin, usually these are from stolen credit cards and then they sell them for cheap. The website is sort of the middle man and don't really so much to prevent it. It could be nothing like it though just looks similar. nice video

  10. How would you rate the site you bought the key from in terms of getting reliable keys? I know from past videos you only showcase software that does what the developers actually say they do and some software I use on my PC is from your videos, but I ask because I recently found out about the credibility (or lack of) about G2A and their shady business practise.

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