Windows 10 Pro On My Dell latitude E6410

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This is my Dell latitude e6410 running windows 10.
Specs: Intel Core i5 2.4ghz
Intel integrated graphics
4gb Of Ram
160gb Caviar Black Drive
And a Windows 7 Pro Coa
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  1. iam using same laptop you are using…i intalled windows10pro……but desktop icons are blinkering and sytem wonking slowly……."please help me to fix this problem"…………waiting for your reply………

  2. I know this is pretty late, but i have the same computer as the one in this video. I was wondering if you had any problems installing windows 10. The dell site said they did not test any drivers or this device with windows 10. I need my computer to run my YouTube channel so i cannot afford to have any problems. should I go ahead and install it, or not? Also i saw the link you sent to someone about installing windows 10 because of a black screen problem. Should i install it via the icon in the taskbar or go to the link? What is the difference?

  3. I own a latitude e6410 running windows 7 and I would upgrade to windows 10.
    Before upgrading I cheked here:

    if there could be some driver issues in the upgrading.

    In this page is reported that, since latitude e6410 is not enlisted, drivers have not been updated for that model and Dell does not recommended an upgrade to Windows 10.

    Have you experienced some drivers issues?
    Especially regarding the chipset and the graphics processing unit.

  4. Even though my 6410 has a 14 inch 1600×900 panel (part MJ154), Windows 10 only shows a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768. Anyone been able to get anything higher?. I did notice that the panel is detected in Device Manager as "Generic PnP monitor". Could that be the problem (i realise Dell dont officially support this laptop on Windows 10, but everything else works fine !)….thanks

  5. mine came with a win 7 pro and an update came in the taskbar for a free update and then had no issues after ward. works well if you update to an 8gb ram though

  6. For all of you that are having problems; upgrade your drivers. Go to Intel, realtek, nvidea (or whom ever made the particular components of your laptop) and download their system detect software and then download whatever they recommend. Dell does not have updated drivers for win10 for this model. If you have a blank screen hook a monitor up (or a TV) so you can see what you are doing.

  7. When I upgraded my e6410 (i5 2.67 w/160gb) that I got refurbished w/win7 I first went to MS to get all updates, then Intel to upgrade drivers. Then back to MS to download 10 onto system (which also updated drivers) afterwards back to intel, realtek, nvidea for win10 driver updates. Absolutely no issues other than I had bought a Dell Inspiron 15 (i3) a month ago for $400 and I like the e6410 better and I've only got $137 (including new battery) in it.

  8. Just installed Win 10 Pro on my e6410 (2.53 GB i5 w/8GB memory). I'm plagued by a sticky, laggy cursor — the trackpad was more responsive under Win 7. How are you faring?

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