Windows 10, Pro vs Home: What you Need to Know.

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  1. What socks now is there is no longer KB article updates past October 2016. So now you can only choose from 3. Ohh by the way if you install that OEM copy you are stealing. You can only install OEM on one machine legally.

  2. hello.
    i have Windows home , but it doesnt download to the anniversaire update or something…
    i didnt update my windows 7 or whatever to 10 , just bought windows 10 in an online shop , but it doesnt update to the anniversairy update.
    also if i scan to updates it says its up-to-date.
    help me out please.

  3. Have question ? I purchase windows 10 ultimate online and have the key but not the CD because purchase online. SO basically to mean, If I upgrade windows 7 ultimate I can upgrade to windows 10 pro whiteout paying any penny right? I have windows 10 free but try to upgrade to windows 7 ultimate but don't let me somehow. I need to have windows 7 CD home and then put key of windows 7 ultimate and then try to get windows 10 pro without paying any penny. I can do that the way right?

  4. on the topic of acitivsting a new version of windows without buying.. if you're like me, and don't have a retail disc like you have laying around, or don't have money to go out and buy one, just Google the Microsoft toolkit. its an activator. it uses kms and something.else and activates your windows products (whether its windows OS of any version or type or a Microsoft office suite), just run the activator and it will activate your system . pretty easy haha

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