Windows 10 Retail USB Home Unboxing!

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Windows 10 Retail USB Home unboxing.
When building a new system you can’t use the free Windows 10 upgrade (if your previous version of Windows was an OEM or non-retail) you have to actually buy Windows 10 in order to install it on your new system.
0:00 Intro, fumbling with the knife before deciding to just show the box first.
1:04 The box is open, showing what’s inside.

The “ISSD Executor” is named after the personal Super Star Destroyer of Lord Darth Vader…


  1. I bought my windows 10 home retail from amazon for £86 and it works great. I am pleased I can upgrade my pc and also transfer my license to a new pc. without undermining my license.

  2. is the key card a 25 letter code you use i am a little lost on this i never had a windows disc i am a mac user. i just build my first gaming pc so ya that is why and on it i will try to install windows 10 i order this on amazon i do now know if that card i see is the 25 number key just to be safe

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